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Preserving our environment

Adopt an eco-responsible approach

We conduct our business in compliance with the major environmental balances. To do this, we are adapting our resources and practices today while experimenting with the tools of tomorrow.

Limiting our footprint

To preserve our environment and the territories we cover, we pay particular attention to the impact of our activities.
We optimize our means of transport by choosing the Euro VI standard for all our new vehicles. Attentive to technological developments, we are also testing a hybrid vehicle in Geneva for our daily activities. Finally, we regularly train our drivers in eco-driving.
For our warehousing activities, we prefer to use natural or low-GWP fluids in our refrigeration facilities.
In order to be part of a virtuous circle, we are committed to the implementation of selective waste sorting at each of our sites. In Kölliken, we have set up a rainwater collection and reuse system for the maintenance of our vehicles.

In figures

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