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The human being at the heart of our model

STEF places people at the heart of its commitments. The Group has built an HR policy that values talent and gives everyone the means to build a career that is right for them. STEF is also committed to respecting our environment by ensuring that the environmental footprint of its activities is reduced.
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A company that is concerned about its responsibility towards society makes you proud?
As in any service business, STEF knows that it must be able to rely on its employees. The company has therefore built an HR policy that values talent and gives everyone the means to build a career to suit their needs. The Group is committed to placing respect for people and the environment at the heart of its concerns. We place people at the heart of our commitments, which undoubtedly explains the loyalty of our employees: the average length of service at STEF Switzerland is 8 years.

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Do you like the action?

Pragmatist, do you like to act and get results? So do we. And we like a job well done. We put our culture of action at the service of performance. Everyone is driven by the desire to provide our customers and consumers with a service that makes them proud. And in a changing sector, it is a great opportunity for a candidate to dive into the heart of a stimulating environment, to experience exciting challenges. A world that encourages everyone to express their boldness and entrepreneurial spirit... at the service of the customer and the company's performance: in Switzerland, our customers' satisfaction rate is close to 80%.

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STEF is a successful and international company.
For 25 years, we have been combining performance, sustainable growth, international development and sharing success with our employees.
We spread a culture of excellence: you will be able to evolve in a stimulating environment, with demanding and enthusiastic professionals.
Our commitments are in line with our values.
We affirm our role as a company in solidarity with the territories and people. We are committed to our customers and our employees.
Human development is at the heart of STEF.
We want to give you the means to develop yourself and to be an actor in your career. Together, we will build your route.

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