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Commitment to society

Act as a responsible employer

It is thanks to our employees, their values and their involvement that STEF can now guarantee such a high quality of service to its customers. In their training and professional development, we are committed to supporting them towards excellence.

Our teams, our asset

In order to support its employees in the development of their skills, the Group promotes access to training. STEF has founded its own certified training organisation and has a particularly high internal promotion rate. Today, 70% of management positions are filled by internal promotion.
Evolving in a secure environment, encouraging dialogue, giving meaning to the collective and contributing to well-being: quality of life is at the heart of our concerns. Our employees share our project and are proud to participate in the STEF adventure.
STEF also pays particular attention to the themes of diversity, equal opportunities and disability, in a spirit of respect and inclusion. In these areas, many awareness-raising, training and prevention initiatives are being implemented in Europe.
Finally, STEF has deployed a specific capital model that helps to ensure stability and independence.

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At the heart of society

STEF invests in the economic and solidarity life of the territories. In 2017, STEF Switzerland increased its workforce by +22%. This anchoring also allows it to support the actions of associations or institutions of general interest.
STEF Switzerland is actively involved in its sector via the SVKTL (Schweizerischer Verband fur Kühl und Tiefkühllogistik), in a dynamic of representation and promotion of logistics and transport activities under controlled temperature.
Finally, as a stakeholder in the cold chain, STEF deploys the necessary measures every day to ensure consumer health safety through the exercise of its business.

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