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A future to be built together

The world of food is changing rapidly. New challenges are emerging. At STEF, we see enormous opportunities for innovation and outreach in Europe. For any candidate, it is the assurance of building his future with an ambitious actor, in conquest. It opens up great opportunities!
collaborateur STEF dans un bureau

You have the spirit of conques

Would you like to join a leading company in its sector? STEF is an essential reference in the field of the cold chain. Its expertise and unique know-how in transport and logistics as well as its territorial network make the Group a key player in the food sector. Driven by a spirit of service and conquest, the Group has extended its international influence over the years while transforming itself and meeting the major challenges of its environment. In 2017, STEF Switzerland's turnover increased by 6%.

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Do you dream big?

Evolution of consumption patterns, distribution channels...... STEF is at the heart of a rapidly evolving food sector. But more than a risk, it is a tremendous opportunity for STEF to innovate, seek new markets, increase its influence... and transform itself. This is the daily experience of STEF's 120 employees in Switzerland.

Our job offers